What's Kappo?

The meaning of Kappo comes from traditional Japanese cooking methods;
to cut, boil, stew & fry. Different from sushi chefs who mainly cut fish & make sushi, a Kappo chef is trained to master numerous ways of cooking and to understand the seasonality of food, the quality of ingredients and the presentation. In order to gain extensive skills as a master Kappo chef,usually, more than10 to 15 years of persistent training is required. This is one of the reasons why it is very difficult to find many skillful Kappo chefs here in the states, compared the growing numbers of sushi chefs and sushi restaurants. In general Kappo Restaurants do not have sushi bars and Sushi restaurants should not use the title "KAPPO"

The history of Kaiser Cuisine is over 400 years
Kaiseki Cuisine originated in 16th century as a light meal served before the tea ceremony. Kaiseki has become multi course dinner served one by one & fresh at a perfect temperature. Hot dishes are sizzling hot. Cold dishes are icy cold.
Using seasonal ingredients carefully chosen by the chef, Kaiseki cuisine is
served as appetizer, sashimi, clear soup, broiled dish, fried dish, stewed dish,
rice or noodle, and dessert. Kaiseki is often served at special ceremonies or
celebration and also is perfect to entertain your guest on any special occasion.
You can see sample Kaiseki Dinner here.

Japanese food is not all about sushi.

Nowadays, it is easy to find a sushi restaurant in town, but our restaurant is not a sushi restaurant. We are Kappo restaurant and we proud to serve authentic Japanese dishes that are always sizzling hot and fresh!

Kappo Hana is fully owned and run by a Japanese owner chef. It’s really rare. To find some true authentic Japanese dishes as if you were in Japan, come to our restaurant. You are finally at the right place!