Do you know the Spanish rice cuisine "PAELLA "? Kamameshi is also rice dish, but it is cooked & served in an individual size pot. This pot is called "kama" &" meshi" means rice. Kamameshi origin stated during the"Kanto Big Earthquake" on September 1 1923, A restaurant owner cooked mix of rice for refuges, which ultimately become known as Kamameshi.

Most Japanese people
know what Kamameshi is.
Having Kamameshi is
entertaining like having
your dinner at a campsite.
It takes 20 minutes to cook
but it is well worth the wait.
While you are waiting, having some appetizers is helpful and simply a great way to start your dinner.
Our Kamameshi dinner course is the most popular. The course included assorted appetizers, sashimi, fried dish, egg custard, then Kamameshi & dessert.
Seafood Kamameshi
Mix Kamameshi
Clam Kamameshi

Scallop, Salmon Roe
Vegetable & Wild Vegetable

Vegetable & Wild Vegetable
Vegetable & Wild Vegetable

King Crab Kamameshi

Fungi (Eel) Kamameshi

Matsutake Kamameshi
King Crab
Vegetable & Wild Vegetable
Broiled Eel
Vegetable & Wild Vegetable
Vegetable & Wild Vegetable
Seasonal (Dec-Jan)   Seasonal (Oct-Nov)